About Us

Wouldn’t you rather have a full service health coverage experience instead of feeling as though you are all alone?

Brotherly Love

Hello! We’re Frank & Patrick

We are two guys from the Philly region. We raised our families here and  have great pride in our roots. We take that passion and transition it to  helping people who either pay too much or don’t like or understand  their current coverage. We will gladly sit down with you and go over all  your options so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

We do it a little bit different

We believe in a personal approach to your health coverage needs, you have our direct contact phone numbers in case you ever have a question. Other companies give you an 800 number and you speak to someone who never met you. We come with the plans we provide, this way you feel comfortable reaching out to us.

Our Experience

  • We have a combined 10+ years as Brokers
  • Currently Licensed in 28 states.
  • Fully staffed office with full time agents

Our Education

  • Up to date licenses in all 28 states
  • We take yearly training including ethics
  • We recertify each state every 2 years

"Frank and Pat genuinely care about people. I could sense that immediately . Myself my daughter and wife were paying $850 a month which I just couldnt afford. Pat and Frank came to my house as I live in South Philly met my family and listened to all of my concerns. after everything was said and done I ended up with not only better coverage for my family, but saving me atleast $200 a month on my premium! Thank you so much guys! Highly recommend."

Bobby Pace

"Frank and Pat were so helpful, listened to our needs and concerns, and got us set up with insurance we could use AND afford. We have loved working with them!"

Alicia Blackburn

"Frank does a great job keeping me informed and getting back to me quickly. He is one of the few vendors I have who I can expect a prompt response, even if he’s just telling me when he can address my question or concern. I am really happy with the quality of the service and the quality of the product. Anytime I have questions, I just text Frank. He’s a great guy to talk to about the health business."

Rick Sabatini

"Frank Ferrara is the most knowledgeable health insurance person I know. He is great and affordable for perdonnal and Business alike.He is my insurance man and he could be yours also. Just give him a call for a quote."

Jane Krmpotich

"Frank & Pat have been extremely helpful to me as a 1099 contractor. It was difficult to figure out how to get health insurance and what actual coverage id be getting (I usually just got it from my boss when I had it) so they were able to work with my budget and get me what I need"

Daniel Kwon

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1900 S Broad St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frank - (609) 509-2236

Patrick - (267) 226-0949